Guardians of the Galaxy crossover because Stiles is totally a Star Lord and can rock the 70s’ music!

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i hope that it makes us stronger

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i can hold the weight of worlds
if that’s what you need

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ginnifer goodwin as claudia stilinski

"now son i’m only telling you this
because life can do terrible things.

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[ derek hale // dirty paws ]
part 1 of my watercolor+lyrics series 

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" i’m not a hero. 

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I won’t go. I won’t sleep. I can’t breathe until you’re resting here with me. I won’t leave. I can’t hide. I cannot be. Until you’re resting here with me.

Here With Me - A Sciles Fan Mix

Here With Me [Dido] - Circles [Passenger] - Running Up That Hill [Placebo] - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) [Green Day] - Somewhere Only We Know [Lily Allen] - Little Talks [Of Monsters and Men] - Barefoot and Bruised [Jamestown Story] - Fix You [Coldplay] - King and Lionheart [Of Monsters and Men] - And The World Was Gone [Snow Ghosts] - I Will Follow You Into The Dark [Death Cab For Cutie]

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Come and get your love…
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me after a week of doubles

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